Wood Effect Tiles

Tech Tiles would like to introduce you to the world of high quality timber effect porcelain tiles. Tile manufacturing technologies have advanced significantly in recent years & this has never been more evident than in wood effect porcelain tiles. Digital printing in tiles has allowed the range and detail of the worlds most popular timber floors to be captured & transferred to porcelain tiles, with exceptional detail & realism, making it almost impossible to tell the difference between tile & genuine timber. Structured tile surfaces can also now capture the unique grained & knotted surfaces, making it genuine to the touch. The most significant benefits to choosing a porcelain imitation tile is the lack of maintenance required. Porcelain tiles do not wear, stain or scratch, they do not need to be re-surfaced or varnished as is regularly required with genuine timber floors. They are extremely hard-wearing, durable & are basically maintenance free. The cherry on top is that they are priced at a fraction of the cost of genuine timber.