Tech Tiles are the leading specialists and suppliers of natural stone tiles. We offer an extensive range of kitchen, floor, bathroom, floor and wall tiles in every shape, size, and colour. Our beautiful range of natural stone tiles are available for viewing in our amazing showroom in Dublin. From limestone to multicoloured brick tiles, our natural stone wall and floor tiles have an ageless versatility that will last a lifetime. We focus on bringing you hard wearing, beautiful, and different tiles that will look great in your home or business. Natural stone was formed through a natural process over millions of years so you are guaranteed an exceptional finish. A good natural stone will add beauty and value to your property. Your home or business deserves a chic and stylish finish. Our team are experts and have many years of experience in the tiling industry. Browse our tile selection today and give us a call if you have any questions.

Mix Brick Cloud Grey 18x35 Tile: 18x35cm Depth: 15-25mm
Slim Brick Beige 10x40 Tile:10x40cm Depth: 8-12mm
Slim Brick Black 10x40 Tile: 10x40cm Depth: 8-12mm
Slim Brick Cloud Grey 10x40 Tile: 10x40cm Depth: 8-12mm
Slim Brick Multicolour 10x40 Tile: 10x40cm Depth: 8-12mm