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Porcelain Benefits
DATE :12-Dec-2018

Strenght - same strenght qualitys as natural stone, Resistant to cracking and breaking.

Waterproof- absorption rate of only .5 percent meaning it is resistant agaist leaks damaging the tile. Perfect or Kitchen, Bathroom or laundry room. Frost and water resistant 

Durable - highly resistant to wear-and-tear, perfect for high traffic areas such as hallways, offices , shopping malls. Porcelain are also chip resistant meaning they need to replaced less often.

Colour/Finish- Available in variety of colours and finishes such as natural/matt/polished/glazed/structured 

Hygienic - clay-like properties of porcelain tiles prevent most forms of bacteria from living on their surface

It is also good to note strong chemicals in cleaning agents wont damage the tile and they are also fire proof for added safety to your home 


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